Welcome to the Metcalf PTO! 

            The Metcalf PTO exists to promote open communication and understanding between parents and staff. We respect the values, needs and desires of all members of our school, including parents, students, and staff. PTO meetings are open to any and all Metcalf students, parents, and staff.


            Our efforts are to serve, enhance & maximize the education of every child so they may reach their highest potential. All monies raised by the PTO shall be used to support the educational goals set forth by the school leadership.


            We are proud to serve our school with a PTO run solely on the efforts of volunteers. The PTO team effort assists our school leaders in their goal of providing the best possible learning environment for our children, as well as the best possible teaching environment for our wonderful staff.


Mark your calendars and join us for as many PTO meetings and events as you can this year! Can't stay the entire time? No problem. We'd rather have you there for whatever works out for your schedule than not at all.


For the 2023-2024 school year, our PTO Meetings will take place both in-person and virtually, via Zoom. Mark your calendars!


Calendar of Events 

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